About Us

Support Air a leading provider of temporary Aircraft Repair Facilities world wide.

  • Aircraft Support

    Support Air is a leading provider of temporary repair site infrastructure and support, for AOG aircraft repairs worldwide.

  • World-Wide Repair

    We provide, equip and maintain the site infrastructure and provide support to the repair team and airline maintenance team, as required.

  • Project Management

    Our on-site, pro-active and pre-emptive project management system supports the maintenance of the repair schedule and the timely return to service, of the aircraft.

  • Quality Assurance

    We work closely with the airline, repair team and the insurance organisation to ensure that the task is completed efficiently and cost-effectively to the benefit of all concerned.


Support Air

A very capable and flexible company, with a proven track record, that can provide a range of support services, in a responsive manner, and on a cost effective basis.

Support Services For AOG Repair Operations Worldwide

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